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Core Switcher

A core allocation portfolio that is leaned towards large cap predominantly with in-built regular switches to equity funds from low-duration debt funds to mitigate the volatility of the investments. Suitable for long-term investments, regular additions, and SIP

Tactical Portfolio

It focuses on tactical opportunities in the market which are more time-bound and tactical in nature. These opportunities are usually 1-2 years holding and not for very long term. Suitable for short-term opportunities and allocation of 10%-15% max

Aggressive Portfolio

Complete equity in nature and high conviction, highly volatile funds for long-term wealth creation. This is to add additional alpha to the portfolio by allocating 10%-20% of your equity allocation. Suitable for high-risk investors, long-term SIPs for wealth creation

Fixed Income Portfolio

A debt portfolio which is an alternative to bank FDs with steady and much better returns compared to bank FDs. Hold a range of debt funds across maturity and credit quality. Suitable for FD money, corpus parking, and income generation

Gold Portfolio

A traditional portfolio for Indian investors with Gold funds which are highly liquid in nature, have no lock-in on investments and are correlated to the physical gold price. Suitable for goal planning, marriage planning, and liquidity

Tax Saver

Tax saving equity-linked investments with 80C income tax benefit and lowest lock-in product under 80C investment products. This portfolio comes with 3-year lock-in to get a tax benefit. Suitable for tax planning, employees with higher tax bracket

Global Portfolio

A global investment strategy through feeder funds to have better diversification for clients and have an allocation to the world's most innovative companies listed across different countries. Suitable for HNIs, global allocation, goal planning

Corporate Treasury

A liquidity management portfolio specially designed for corporates to manage their treasury. Low to short-duration debt papers with good credit quality history. Suitable for corporates to manage their treasury


Portfolio management service is a direct equity portfolio across different segments of the markets like Large, Mid, small, and multi-cap strategy as per the client's needs Suitable for HNIs and direct stock investments

Hedge Funds & Alternatives

Alternative investment strategies across different asset classes like long-short funds, REIT funds, real estate-focused funds, and long-only strategies. Suitable for ultra HNIs for better diversification

Services Offered

AMFI Approved Mutual Fund Distributors

Qsac is a client centric investment solution provider which includes Financial Planning, Wealth Management, Retirement planning, Goal Plannig, NRI solutions, Estate planning etc. It’s a one stop solution for all your financial needs.

Investment Management Services in Belgavi

Financial Planning

Financial planning is a crucial process to understand the gap between your goal and your actual position. Qsac Wealth Managers make it easy with its cutting edge, client centric financial planning process so that you are on right track to achieve your dream goal.

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Wealth Management

In wealth management service, our highly qualified and experience investment team will ensure that your portfolio is always filled with best performers and periodically runs check mechanisms to identify underperformers in your portfolio.

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Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is very essential component to have joyful, peaceful and comfortable life after retirement. At Qsac, we pave the road for you to be an independent and comfortable after your retirement with range of solutions.

NRI Corner

NRI? Don’t worry. At Qsac Wealth Managers, all NRI related solutions like investment, taxations, withdrawals, transfers are just click away. Call our dedicated NRI expert team for any related solutions and they are available at your service.

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Corporate Advisory

Qsac Wealth Managers is a preferred partner for many corporates and SME's for their tresury managements. We have range of solutions for corporates and SME's so that they can concentrate only on their core business.

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Goal Planning

Goal planning is a essential service where your investments are planned as per your long term, mid term and short term goal using asset allocation methodology. Whole concentration is towards making sure to active your goal like child education, house construction, kid marriage etc.


portfolio management solutions in bangalore

Chetan Mattikalli

CFA, Bangalore

"I have been in the US for over 7 years and worked with the best of brands. My association with Qsac Wealth Managers has made me feel that i am in safer hands. They make my money work for me. I would like to wish Qsac Wealth Managers a great year ahead."

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Hareesh Bhaskar

NRI, Bangalore

"Qsac Wealth Managers stands by their tagline ""Guiding you in achieving your goals"". It helped me in bringing discipline in my investments, systematic approach in financial planning and help me understand the market dynamics. I feel my investment is in safe hands.”

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Poornima Hooli

Analyst, Bangalore

"I am happy being a customer of Qsac Wealth Managers because without Qsac Wealth Managers I don't think we would have thought of regular investment (wealth creation)- max we would have put in FDs if there are any lump sum amount. Also we have full trust in what ever they recommend/suggest is for our good at any point of time."

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Rudra Aradhya

NRI, London

"I am associated with Qsac Wealth Managers since 2004. In the 14 yr association, I have received excellent advise on investments and portfolio management from the very committed team at Qsac Wealth Managers." "The association has taught me how to be disciplined in investment, appreciate risks of various instruments and distribute the risks."

Why Qsac

Our sole aim is to provide you end to end wealth management solutions under one roof. Our contrarian approach coupled with a single focus on long term investments will ensure customers are provided with the most tax efficient and the best risk adjusted returns. From Investment advisory, financial planning to insurance and real estate, Qsac Wealth Managers will take care of all your financial needs with great precision and care.

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About Us

Qsac Wealth Managers - SEBI approved Investment Advisor & Certified Financial Planner Qsac Wealth Managers is a leading name in Financial advisory with headquatere in Bangalore with branches in 8 major cities including Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad. Our sole aim is to provide you an end to end wealth management solutions under one roof. From Investment advisory, financial planning to insurance and real estate, Qsac Wealth Managers will take care of all your financial needs with great precision and care. Our contrarian approach coupled with a single focus on long term investments will ensure customers are provided with the most tax efficient and the best risk adjusted returns.

Come join our family and enjoy eternal financial freedom.

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Being recognized as the most trusted & respected independent investment advisory company in India. We deliver expert, informed advice and a broad range of financial solutions.

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As a Cerified Financial Planner guide clients to achieve their dreams by planning their dreams by planning their finances. To bring about customer delight by providing unparalleled investment advice and solutions.

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We would be fair in our dealing with all stakeholder, client, vendors, investors and employees. We will endeavour to impart knowledge based work culture and foster an environment of meritocracy.


Wealth Management Services focuses on the managing portfolio of high-net-worth clients to track, consolidation , manage taxation and dash boards as per their customized need and give over all advisory.

Qsac Wealth Managers HAS A THREE PRONGED APPROACH in PROTECTING your WEALTH Our first and main objective is to ensure there is no capital erosion of the invested funds.

GROWTH OF WEALTH Our second objective is to ensure the base capital is constantly growing to provide a stronger base for the invested funds either through re-investment of returns or growth in value of Investments.

INCOME ON WEALTH Our third and final focus for the invested funds would be to ensure the funds provide a regular stream of income, either for reinvestment of for client consumption.

It’s a management of enterprice financials with the ultimate goal of managing the liquidity and mitigating its operational, financial and reputational risk. Qsac Wealth Managers will ensure enterprice is on right track with their ultimate goal of liquidity for day to day operational requirements.

Our team of corporate advisory is always available for you to take care of your ultimate goal of liquidity

Financial Planning is an ongoing process to help you to make sensible decisions about your earnings. It is the process to bridge the link between your wealth and goals that can help you achieve withinn the given criteria.

Qsac Wealth Managers is having state of the art tax planning team which helps its clients to analyze their financial situation and plan their taxes in an efficient way.

Child education is the best investment one can have in his/her portfolio. Qsac Wealth Managers child education solutions will instils discipline and helps from the habit of saving to secure the childs future.

Business houses or Families that manage substantial amounts of wealth are always in need of financial advice and legal aid. We work with Tax and Legal Experts to ensure all procedures and processes flow smoothly.

Our Family office Service mainly looks at 4 areas which broadly includes the following sub-services

Legal Advisory, Wealth Structuring, Legal verification of Physical Assets and Support on Litigation issues.

Our Services include Risk Management, Asset Allocation, Investment Advisory and Cash Flow planning.

Accounting & Reporting, Tax Filing & Tax Records maintenance and managing and Tracking of Investment.

Our Services include Will Creation, Estate Planning, Registration of Trust, and Executor Services for distribution of assets."

As one of the fastest growing economies, India offers NRIs a wide range of investment opportunities across a variety of asset classes. With investment opportunities ranging from equity, fixed income, real estate and more, India has continued standing as an attractive investment destination.

NRIs keen to explore investment opportunities in Indian capital markets can choose from various investment avenues such as India dedicated Mutual Funds Schemes, Portfolio Investment Schemes and other eligible securities. Investment offerings however, should be customized to your risk profile and investment objectives. To understand asset class behaviour, the offering must further be backed by a strong research team and a dedicated service delivery team. A transaction based investment management approach or the asset advisory approach offered by wealth management firms in the specific country can meet these needs.

Disclaimer: The above information is only for educative purposes. It is not intended to be a solicitation of business in whatsoever manner. For permissible investments by NRI’s in Indian markets, appropriate legal advice and guidance should be obtained.

Elegibility A person stayed abrod for more than 182 days in a given financial year is considered as NRI.

Child education is the best investment one can have in his/her portfolio. Qsac Wealth Managers child education solutions will instils discipline and helps from the habit of saving to secure the childs future.

Corporate Advisory Services

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Corporate Workshops

Our expert team of Analysts conduct various workshops regarding Investing, tax saving and overall Financial Wellness. Our main aim is to spread awareness of need to manage and invest your finances for a healthy and hassle free life.

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Corporate Helpdesks

We understand that everyone has doubts, confusions and queries. With our helpdesk set up at your organization’s premises, employees can spend one on one time with our experts who are more than eager to answer all you queries related to finance.

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